Anonymous asked:

Might be nice if you taught us how to draw real bodies, instead of the emaciated, unrealistic version you seem to deem appropriate. Can you draw a fuller formed leg for me? I'm still at a loss how to draw as people really are... :/


i think you’re referring to this post from a while back bc it’s been going around recently and yeah i can understand your point on them being rly skinny!! I JUST HOPE people know that a lot of times when i do these they are overly simplified/stylized drawings ?? im not trying to demonstrate spot on anatomy, just the form/shapes and how I PERSONALLY DRAW in general
SO YEAH like i’ve always said, please DON’T take them too seriously/ use them as your sole reference!!

On a side note, i don’t know how to say this without sounding rude?? But I’m not a ‘teaching’ blog and i really am not obligated to ensure that anyone knows how to draw a leg or arm etc. I answer things when they’re within my capability and when I have the time to, and even then, I honestly still have a lot to learn in terms of evERYTHING !!!!
And really, if anyone wants to learn how to draw people as they really are, photos/ real life are the best references, not my sub-par doodles 

This isn’t directed at you anon, i mean your msg isn’t rude or anything i just don’t want people to think im some anatomy resource?? bc IM ANYTHING BUT THAT LOL

Anonymous asked:

Sometimes I REALLY READY want to draw... but I don't have the will to do you have advice on how I can make myself draw?? and I want to draw more poses and draw people better so I figured that figure drawing will help... could that help?

:0!! when i really want to draw i take out my sketchbook and listen to really great music to inspire me!!!!! i sit there and feel like i can’t do it, but then i just make myself draw. i think to myself; “i don’t have to draw something new, original, or creative, i just have to draw!!!!” 
as long as you draw something, or anything at all, things will flow and come to you and you will have fun!! don’t fret about what to draw, just draw whatever, even if it’s just a bunch of eyes or headshots. when you get warmed up, you’ll have enough courage to tell yourself “yeah, i can do this!!!” and things will come easier…(it does for me!!!)
figure drawing always helps!! there is a website here that you can use to help!!!!

i hope i helped some!! :D don’t be afraid of drawing friend, if you start and you want to draw, just do what you like best first, and ease into the rest. it will take time but you will get there!!!!